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Network news: Surely you can write on one of these topics

Have you noticed that John Battelle’s Federated Media manages [the ads for -- which is what we meant, using that old "band manager" metaphor that Cory Doctorow loves, but whatever] Boing Boing, Metafilter, PVRblog, 43 Folders, Broadband Blog, Wi-fi Networking News, and Battelle’s Searchblog? Until tonight, I didn’t.

HackADay wasn’t part of the WIN/AOL deal, reveals Jason Calacanis, because it makes its living by gently breaking the law. This will all end in tears and a big cease-and-desist.

Creative Weblogging is hiring bloggers [URL fixed] to write about cycling, web hosting, online education, law, lifestyles, cancer, nanotechnology, Java, SAP, Oracle, electronic design automation, network security, application security, data storage, private equity, and real estate. Looks like they want people who already have blogs.

Fine Fools is hiring bloggers to write about automobiles, finance, television, movies, music, sports, fashion, men’s lifestyles, women’s lifestyles, travel, software, Apple, Microsoft, open source, Web 2.0, cycling, jobs, and card-playing.

Everyone smells the WIN millions.

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