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Are blogebrities ready to appear in ads?

Sez Jessica Coen at last night’s Cult of the Celebrity panel,

Because all we see are celebrities marketing absolutely everything at this point, we feel a degree of ownership over them.

Celebrity culture has meshed with marketing enough that a Nike Tiger Woods ad builds both brands, Nike’s and Tiger’s. The classier celebrity endorsement is less shilling, more fortuitous casting. Meanwhile, advertisers shoot for niche recognition by buying rights to cult and niche figures. Quizno’s uses spongemonkeys from Rather Good; Geico uses Speed Racer.

Why not use blogebrities in marketing? If they’re not yet ready for TV, would it work for ad banners? Corporate sites?

So far I’ve seen Jason Kottke at Defunker, but nothing that seemed to involve a paycheck since Mark Frauenfelder’s Apple ad (.mov file) in 2002. Is there still too much stigma of payola to see Phillip Torrone plugging your circuitboard kit?

While WIN heartily points out that it doesn’t even keep reviewed gadgets, I imagine Gawker Media might let Gina Trapani flash a Fisher space pen. I could see Merlin Mann doing the same, with a Moleskine to boot.

I’m confident a blogger could sell a product on a corporate site, and maybe even off the web. Does any blogebrity have the chops to promote a product past gadgets and hipster wear? And can amateur bloggers appear in ads instead of hosting ads?

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