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Liners: Blogniscient, Can’t Stop the Bleeding, Operatic Strunk

The Business Blogging Seminar’s over. Here are Flickr’d photos and tongues in cheeks.

Speaking of the aggressive Forbes article, the discussion is done. Bloggers are not America’s founding fathers. That is silly.

Cory Doctorow starts podcasting a new story, “When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth.”

Digg gets $2.8 million in venture capital, and I hope Ke

Can’t Stop the Bleeding rags on Will Leitch of Deadspin almost daily in a dedicated post category. CStB’s insults are just evidence-based enough that they may be more than snark — they could be full-blown criticisms if they worked out and maybe started eating healthy. [Thanks, Daniel]

Are Fortune 1000 CEOs too busy to blog?

Techcrunch pits Blogniscient against Memeorandum. Memeorandum wins for now. Michael Arrington reveals that Memeorandum is his top-visited site. Will this end posts about topics not already covered by one tech A-lister or another?

Sunday beauty: Elements of Style, the opera.

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