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Gawker Media and Huffington Post take their party to the West Coast

Gawker Media and the Huffington Post, thrilled by their New York affair, call up the kids and party again in Defamer-ruled Los Angeles. Gridskipper throws up low-res photos, including an Arianna grip-and-grin and Mark Lisanti looking undefinably non-bloggeresque. Defamer and HuffPo, all business, haven’t blogged the party yet. They’re probably waiting for a more photoshopped gallery to link to.

Update: Tony Pierce points us to better pics at Buzznet.

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  1. you can either post this in the comments, or add it as an update to your page, but for far better photos, you know where to go … Buzznet

    here are Emmaunelle Richard’s photos from the party you speak of

  2. Oi! Some hi-res pics over here, although nobody famous in them.

  3. Sorry for the poor photos. I had a camera breakdown, and had to use my back-up, which is a misfit, and then try and turn weird photos into something useable, via the use of snark and about 4 hours of PhotoShop. Still, no excuse. They’re bad. You called me on it, quite well in fact. Next time I shall just give up on the post when camera problems strike, lest I get struck by Blogebrity again. Anyway, I am totally getting beat up today — so all are getting their revenge. Later. I really enjoy your blog. Emmanuelle’s write-up of the party is very enjoyable. Name badges would have come in very useful, for those of us who were more unfamiliar with this scene.

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