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Liners: Even though Anderson Cooper has a sexier headshot

The unwashed can now sign up for a blog. Don’t spam it up, kids.

DRM’s important, blah blah, but dammit Boing Boing, can’t you open a different blog for all the rootkit anger? Mm?

Oddjack says goodbye all classy-like with dead panda pics. Jason Calacanis laughs at the grave and offers A.J. a job, which is a low blow, no?

I Want Media holds elections for Media Person of the Year. Do your duty and vote for Nick Denton or at least Craig Newmark.

Talking Points Memo hires two journalists and Jeff Jarvis’s heart dances.

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  1. YES, I completely agree about the “tangentblogging”. I’d love to see broader-focused sites like BoingBoing launch sideblogs that could continue following a running story like Sony, without totally clogging the entire information hose.

  2. Here at JackofAllBlogs we are all over the mostly dead blogs that Calacanis hasn’t buried. In fact we are considering launch a sideblog all about that.


  3. FINALLY. Anything to avoid clogging up that flow of precious JackofAllBlogs content.

  4. Closing blogs is all part of the business. Like Nick says, blogs are like TV shows… some work, some don’t.

    We’re making a go with CardSquad, but I think that’s because we’re focused on just cards. OddJack didn’t work because it was about gambling–as opposed to football, poker, or some other specific thing. Sometimes going with a very wide theme doesn’t work, sometimes it does. Live and learn.

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