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Personal Blogs: JordanBaker Gets Lucky

We at Blogebrity love the world of personal blogs. We love the way communities have grown where bloggers can share the special moments of their lives with each other: graduation, marriage, the birth of a child. We “kvell” when we hear of these happy occasions. But nothing makes us happier than when we hear of something really special, such as JordanBaker of Dealing with Subterfuges finally getting laid after Four Hundred and Six Days.

Jordan is a brainy resident of our nation’s capitol and hasn’t been too lucky in the U.S. Department of “Love” as of late, especially considering all the “conservatives” that run Washington. But recently she met her handsome Louisiana Lawyer. A few days ago, Jordan kindly provided us with all the thrilling details of their first kiss while sitting in his car, along with her concerns of bringing him upstairs to her new apartment.

Jordan: “First (more snogging) that I don’t really have any furniture yet, aside from my bed (more snogging). And thinking of that makes me very cognizant of the fact (more snogging) that it’s been a really long time (more snogging) since my last bikini wax (more snogging). And I really like to make a good first impression, as it were.”

Was this finally Mr. Right?

Two nights later, the answer is a big YES.

And as with any celebration, well-wishers offered their congratulations. We especially liked this comment:

“Congratulations! I hope the young man in question can still walk without assistance. “

JordanBaker, you are an inspiration to all of us still looking for a date for Saturday night!

( personal note: If it doesn’t work out with the Louisiana Lawyer, call me.)

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  1. Neil! fancy seeing your name over here at blogebrity. ;) Thanks for the intro to Jordon’s blog. Very good stuff over there. And yeah for getting laid!

  2. Wonderful cheering section Neil! Now I’m gonna go count my days to see if they compare to Jordan’s number.

  3. This is the first thing I’ve ever read on Blogebrity (did I spell that right?). I’d rather read about me getting laid, but this will do!

  4. Wait–there are blogs about people actually getting laid?

    What the hell am I doing here?

  5. From my experience, 3 out of 4 bloggers are too busy blogging to get laid.

  6. Neil – I was totally joking when I said it had been a year. Totally. Joking. So, your stats are flawed – you’re gonna need to start checking the facts now that you’re writing for Blogebrity.

  7. Neilochka –
    You’ve got a bleacher full of lady bloggers cheering you on!! See, all those thoughtful comments you leave for your 42 female bloggers is paying off…ladies, are we officially groupies…bloggies? OH! and congrats Jordan! The longest I went was 14 months…I know exactly what you’ve been through.

  8. Yay! for Jordan! :-)
    Although I do agree with Neil. What, an orgasm might last 25 seconds with a good one. Blogging? Well blogging is forever. ;-)

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