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Liners: Lookit those locks filling

Blogging Baby’s giving away two beanbag chairs to anyone who can match the BB writers to their baby photos.

Nick Denton’s as good as anyone to list the resources for a start-up company.

Radosh got a NYT joke tip from “Gina.” Is Gina Trapani keeping her tips for someone other than Gawker? (Hint: No she isn’t, I just needed another liner.)

Dear Blog Herald: David Krug was joking about Google Base. Anyone can license on Google Base. It was a parody.

Shit, Dave Winer, you just discovered Rocketboom? 1. I am so young and hot and ahead of you. 2. Rocketboom.

Hossein Derakhshan (Hoder) gets banned from the US for six months when a border guard Googles him, asks political questions, and decides he’s done too much work in the US. I have Huffington Posting rights, but I don’t know shit about immigration law. Who wants to ghostwrite jokes? Seriously, I’ll put them on HuffPo tonight. E-mail [via Rocketboom]

Today’s beauty: Panama Canal week-long timelapse [via dammit]

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  1. Denton’s as good as anyone for following the leader.

    Seems to me his list was an addendum of Ev’s list

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