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FutureMAN suggests to the folks suing Wikipedia that they might want to just edit the offending posts. They ask him to sit this one out on the side (because that is the place you sit ones out), because why must they become involved in Wikipedia and type some words? It could waste minutes! MINUTES!

Old news, but still earning comments: Whatevs is sick of Trent. No shugs in his vits. Or something. Before you say “YOU ARE MORE RIGHT THAN ANYONE HAS EVER BEEN ABOUT ANYTHING” (as Lindsay did in the comments) read Whatevs for 5 minutes and reflect on the meaning of “buffet line of mediocrity.”

On Thursday, hear Jessica Coen speak at the 92nd St. Y. A special section will be reserved for the blog stalkers and The Assimilated Negro.

Reviving an honored Blogebrity tradition: calling attention to test posts.

At blog #82 of 100, Blog Herald’s heart just isn’t in it enough to write over thirty words.

Wil Wheaton (whom, I swear, I really like) wears that clown sweater right. He wears it your face off.

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