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Liners: “Swotluck supper” is more accurate but less satisfying

The NY Post updates us on Thomas Hawk vs. PriceRitePhoto.

Hugh Fraser points us to his audio interview with Robert Scoble and Hugh MacLeod at a London geek dinner (or “swotlatch”).

Blog Network Watch ranks network blogs with a sophisticated, if odd, equation. Number of pages indexed? Does prolificity really relate to technorati rank? In any case, we’re all still missing a reliable “total visitors” and “recent visitors” metric. Also vodka. We are still missing vodka.

Wil Wheaton brazenly tries to suggest that poker bloggers are cool. But poker bloggers are like political bloggers with royalist tendencies.

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  1. Actually, poker bloggers (many of whom I call my friends, and with whom I spent much of this past weekend) are entirely capable of setting aside politics and other would-be differences, in order to enjoy each other’s company.

    How many political bloggers do you think would set aside their differences (and I mean really set them aside, not just politely turn the conversation elsewhere) so they could play poker and drink beer together?

  2. The new Blog Network List may still be clunky in some ways, but it continues to add new metrics and other features on an almost-daily basis. Surely someone else will soon attempt to one-up it, but for now it remains the only serious blog network ranking attempt out there.

  3. Creating an Overall Rank

    Many comments in our announcement post from yesterday about Overall Blog Rank and Overall Blog Network Ranks. Good debate is being had by all.. and again, we appreciate all of the feedback. A couple commenters have called us on the…

  4. I dare them.. DARE THEM to one-up me ;)


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