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Liners: I don’t know any inoffensive Jewish jokes

Buy a domain from Denton and write the blogs that coulda been.

Every time Andrew Krucoff is honored with a belated traditional adolescent rite in the Holy Land. Next week he gets circumcised.

How do you get Seth Godin to answer your interview questions with more than 20 words? Ask him about Squidoo.

Aaaand life stayed the same: You can’t see Jess Coen on Thursday. I’d make a TAN joke, but he already made it himself in the first comment.

Stephanie Hendrick ID’d an anonyblogger, matching the person to a non-anonymous blog using linguistic identity markers. But Hendrick won’t tell which two blogs she matched, so we’ll give the usual free secret Blogebrity t-shirt to anyone who does.

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