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Liners: Naomi Watts wins heart of giant ape and not-as-giant design guy

At the end of a list of 2005 predictions, Jeremy Wright sneaks in that he had sex this year. Thanks for sharing, Jeremy.

Chris Pirillo stuck up his keyboard with a candy cane and can’t type the last letter in the alphabet. So Pirillo, here’s a Zz for you to cut and paste.

Arianna Huffington tells Esquire:

The qualities I look for in a man are the qualities I look for in a blogger: passion, relentlessness, risk taking, and a light touch.

Which makes me once again consider using my blogging privilege at HuffPo. (She’s 55, but maybe she’s passed her values to her daughter — whom I now hope, for the love of God, is at least 18).

King Kong warms the Kottke’s cardio-cockles. Kottke can’t cackle!

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  1. If Huff is 55, it’s quite possible that her daughter might not yet be 18.

    But nonetheless, you’re only 16 right?
    So I think you’re safe.

    Overheard in town,
    “dude, is she old enough?”
    “I don’t know, I think she got out of that car, so she’s at least 17″

  2. The irony of the conveniently provided Zz for Pirillo? Pasting requires a functioning Z key. Or a trip to a menu somewhere :-)

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