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Liners: Jews for Jesus show holiday spirit

In case Neil turned you on, Boing Boing de-sexifies porn with language AND image.

I have a feeling Joi Ito would be a terribly polite next-door neighbor. pisses off Jews for Jesus. Apparently the org’s name is a trademark, and JfJ doesn’t want to dilute the Jesus brand, as it were. Reuters reports. [via Lifehacker]

People of Flint: Jason Calacanis says you are not professional. Revolt! March on Santa Monica! Do you have pitchforks in Flint? Bring pitchforks.

Problogger could do our job with Christmas comedy like the Virtual Christmas Party comic, featuring Steve Rubel (“I’ve got 10 hacks for photocopying bums”), Jeremy Wright, Darren Rowse, Robert Scoble, a sloshed Duncan Riley, Jason Calacanis, Nick Denton, and Paul Scrivens.

I do not know what these VisualMedia men are saying but I hope it’s funny.

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  1. If these so-called ‘Jews for Jesus’ can bitch and moan about their trademark because of something that’s popped up on blogger–a free blog interface–then why aren’t we crusading over their infringement on the ‘Jew’?
    Did any of them have a Bar or Bah Mitzvah? Were any of them born of a Jewish mother? You know, if they were, I think they’d be less ostentatious.
    We should put their money where their mouths are, and commission the Mossad to forcibly give all the male members of their organization a bris.

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