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Cold, alone, shaken up, and little afraid

coke_zero_movement.jpgAdRants reports (relays?) today that the Zero Movement, a scintillating, no, titillating blog about “a guy [who] rants about why life is so full of stuff to do and how it would be so much nicer if there was, well, zero to do” is a downright dirty SHAM. A ploy! Just another marketing SCAM by the folks at Coca-Cola. I feel so used, so damned cheated out of life. Is abso-fucking-lutely nothing SACRED?

Score one for Pepsi. Coke can suck on it.

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  1. I’m thinking we need to start a new list, for fake ad-agency created blogebrities:

    The first round of inductees could include the Raging Cow, Mazda’s Halloween guy, and now The Zero Movement.

    Who else am I forgetting?

  2. wait, isn’t there like a big undulating coke ribbon right below their logo? it’s a weird site, but i don’t think it’s deceptive– if you click around it says Coke in a bunch of different places, uses the CC colors, etc.

    come on angelina– if you’re going to REPORT, get the facts straight! [insert catfight noises here, which i will render as "meow! meow!"]

  3. Jake:


    If you had read the AdRants article, you would know that Coke only recently added logo-hysteria AFTER they were called out on the faux blog.

  4. who are the ad wizards who came up with this one? this blog reads like a ad pitch. lame-o.

  5. this is what happens when big clusterfuck clients/agencies try to be “nimble.”

  6. I haven`t seen the fake coke blog and don`t plan to see it. My time is too scarce. If you think it is a scam, maybe best thing to do is not to mention it. Otherwise you are giving it more visitors, and then the Marketing people will see it is a valid formula and we┬┤ll have the equivalent of Spam in fake blogs…
    Trust me, I have been (am?) a Marketing man myself :)
    Best regards

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