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Feedster can’t wait for the paint to dry

As fans of both underdogs and all things shiny, we couldn’t help but dig Feedster’s new look. After all, the Feedster guys managed to put out a nice-looking refreshed site while battling back from Death Watch talk from A-listers — in the words of Feedster’s Alan Graham:

It has been a very interesting past couple of months. As a quick recap, just last month it was pontificated that Feedster was dead or at least on some serious form of life support. And regardless of our reassurances that, yes we were very much alive and simply taking steps to make our systems better and stronger, people love to kick you while you’re down. And they did. Some of it was deserved, and some of it not. But we took our lumps, and just kept our noses to the grindstone, focusing on the task at hand…the launch of the first phase of our new site.

But when we went to kick the tires, we couldn’t help feeling a lot like our old friend TDavid:

Feedster is like that long lost cousin showing up at the party. Today, cousin Feedster showed up with a new paint job. Unfortunately the car seems to be missing the hubcaps, a bumper, a rearview mirror and an all important second gear.

Feedster’s Graham promises more features soon to come, including Advanced Search (including a return of Link Search and FeedFinder) and a new MyFeedster; although it’s a little unclear what that the latter will look like, since all Graham really indicated was what it wouldn’t be:

With the wide range of reliable news readers and aggregators available today, we felt that you would be better served by concentrating on providing great access to feeds rather than providing yet another web-based aggregator.

Graham’s heroic yet defensive introduction of the half-finished new site begs the question — why launch the new version with SO much obviously still in the works? Slowly rolling out a beta is one thing; disabling entire features* and rolling out the new version to the main site is another. Why the rush? Would one more week/month have literally killed Feedster, as some predicted? Nick–I’m looking in your general direction for more inisight on this one.

Don’t get us wrong–we WANT Feedster to succeed. The more analytics and insight we can get into the twenty people that read this site, the better. It’s because we’re rooting for them that we hate to see them roll out a new site that’s not totally ready for primetime.

In the interim–Team Feedster, if you’re reading this, here’s step 1 to better UI: when I search for something and can’t find it, how about something more like this, rather than a generic Apache 404.

* – To be fair, the removal of current features wasn’t all bad–at least they got rid of the Feedster 500.

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  1. Instead of querying for which results in this search url “” try searching for which produces this query string: and you should see better results.

  2. Thanks Tony, I’ll give it a shot.

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