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Liners: Bloggergate 2006

Just a month after the Zero Movement debacle, Coca-Cola is blogging again; this time publishing Torino Conversations–a Coke-sponsored series of blogs by Olympic attendees….who are apparently all young, hip, and attractive.

The Wall Street Journal shows us what this journalism thing is all about, breaking the FoN blogger payola scandal of 2006. Something must be fishy, because bloggers got paid, yo! (WSJ: What’s disclosure mean?)

New Line launches a new XXX online game (NSFW) to promote their upcoming film Running Scared (which has nothing to do with Gregory Hines, sadly). While some reviled in the filth, the privacy wonks at Boing Boing took note of the game’s request for a driver’s license # in order to gain access. Taking GTA to a new level–finally a game that actually steals YOUR identity! Now that’s interactivity.

How do you know when you’ve really made it? When someone starts a blog about your company with “Watch” in the title, of course. Similarly, you know your gay cowboy movie has really arrived when people replicate it in The Sims.

And finally, if you haven’t voted in the Battle of the Ad Blogs, you’ve only got one more day. Fortunately it’s a Friday, so all you agency types should be able to pencil it in to your “busy” schedules.

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  1. For the record, that is my first NSFW on Blogebrity.

    (Balloons drop from ceiling)

    Hooray for nudity!

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