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NKOTB: DealBreaker


In case you hadn’t heard, today is the day — Elizabeth Spiers is back. The ballyhooed DealBreaker has been live for some 18 hours now; naturally, response is already flooding the blogosphere (or the NY segment, anyways):

Gawker likes:

It’s expectedly witty in a financial sort of way (knowing little to nothing about finance, we’re just assuming that “sort of way” exists).

Yes, it would seem Spiers has quite a handle on this blogging business. Who knew.

Gothamist, not so much:

We can totally relate– this whole boutique-gallery-husband track has really been wearing us out! What do you think? Do the first posts measure up? And does New York need another blog targeted at the super-rich? Sock it to us!

Others, like Jossip, just seem perplexed:

We’ll be reading up on this one, for at least a week. In the off-chance we get invited to a Wall-Street party, we’ll look like idiots playing “where in the blogosphere is Greg Lindsay?

And finally, the ultimate testimonial from the Investor Relations Blog:

Perhaps I’m too serious, but after skimming a few posts, I find it disconcerting that people who are expected to like this kind of thing are managing America’s money.

9rules finally reveals its true purpose


Sure Gawker Media has the big buzz, Weblogs Inc. has huge resources behind them, and Federated Media has mind-boggling traffic numbers….but can any of them dance like 9rules?

By all means, if any of you blog networks out there step up and take the 9rules Blog Network Dance Challenge, make sure to send the video our way. Choreography, stuntwork and special effects are strongly encouraged (as is anything from the C&C Music Factory back catalogue).

Flickrvision: Kottke and Meg get married

kottke-meg.jpgDidn’t get an invite to THE A-list Blogebrity wedding of the year? Just because you weren’t in New York to hobnob with the likes of Anil Dash, Nick Denton, Jonah Peretti, the Flickr power team (Stewart & Caterina) and the lovely bride and groom, do not despair. Thanks to the skilled camerawork of Eliot Shepard and Meg’s Flickr account, you can put yourself right in the middle of the action.

Now we’re just waiting on the release of the “official” Wedding playlist, so we can rock out Kottke-style to the Flickr slideshow and in doing so, get one step closer to true blogebrity obsession nirvana.

Congrats to Meg and Jason.

Not Hoi Polloi Countdown: 2 Days ’til DealBreaker


Just a friendly reminder — you’ve got less than 48 hours to ready yourself for the arrival of Elizabeth Spiers’ new blog empire. According to reports this morning from FishbowlNY and Gawker (both former Spiers haunts), it all starts with this Wednesday. So plan your day accordingly. Years from now, you’ll want to be able to tell your kids you were someplace cool when the blog publishing world changed forever.

But does it come with free wi-fi?


Yesterday we had a Taiwanese condo developer trying to profit off of blogging coolness; today its a coffeemaker. Say hello to Bloggers Fuel, the latest marketing ploy line of coffee from Internet caffeine purveyor Boca Java.

What makes it “Bloggers Fuel” exactly? While we had hoped for an RSS feed that tells us when our latest pot is done or some sort of coffee podcasting tools, it appears to be no more than a bloggyesque name for each blend — such as Bloggers Boot Up Blend, Late Night Log In, and Bloggers Pajama Passion, which coincidentally is also the name of an upcoming blogger-themed harlequin romance novel.

Our favorite has to be Blogs of Bravery, with a description that just screams “man, that’s a good cup o’ joe”:

‘The Real Story in Real Time.’ Front line fuel from a blend of South American dark and medium roasts to create a well balanced smooth taste.

Somewhere on the eastern seaboard this very minute, Michelle Malkin is eagerly awaiting her first shipment.

Bloggers with Book Deals: Jew-ish Edition


Snark Factory Numero Uno brings us news of former FishbowlNY editor and current Huffington Post contributor Rachel Sklar’s book deal from Publisher’s Marketplace:

Huffington Post contributor (and former Fishbowl blogger) Rachel Sklar’s JEW-ISH, a guide to understanding the difference between a shiksa and a latke, and why there are so many ways to spell Chanukah, pitched as something like AMERICA: THE BOOK, except about Jews, and what it takes to be a good one, or a good-ish one (now go call your mother!), to Matthew Benjamin at Collins, by Kate Lee at ICM (world English).

Congratulations to Rachel — we’d love to drop some Hebrew on you here, but the Gawkplex beat us to “mazel tov”, and beyond that and “Mitzvah” our understanding of the Torah has diminshed significantly since our youth (and none of our Jewish friends are returning our calls).

Above: Rachel Sklar (right) with Gawker founding editrix Elizabeth Spiers.
Photo Credit: Nikola Tamindzic

The House of Blog

myblog-house-sm.jpgThe legend says that when you ascend past the A-list, you receive a golden ticket that invites you to come live out your days at the BLOG building.

By day you create podcasts so great they’d make Adam Curry green with envy, and videocasts with production values so high they make people say “Rocket-who?”. At night, you dine on the finest cuisine, including all the Treo-shaped cakes you can eat. Did we also mention the custom brain-implanted feedreader that every BLOG resident is given?

Or, it might just be a Taiwanese developer cashing in on some blog hipness cachet.

(via BoingBoing)

MSN Spaces: They’re huge in Germany

PaidContent is usually our Go-To guy for tech scoops, but we’re going to assume Staci Kramer made a typo in her reporting on Windows Live Expo this morning; see if you can spot it:

Bob Tedeschi sees in Expo “a more comprehensive approach” that folds in other services like IM (205 million users) and MSN Spaces (450 million users; 100 million visitors)

If you’re like us, you’re probably struggling with the idea that MSN Spaces has 450 million users. What, did they signup every adult male in India? Did we miss a blogging revolution somewhere?

If that figure is somehow accurate, let’s just hope each one of them only has one blog each; otherwise we’ve got our work cut out for us in our next round of updates to The List.

Federated’s Frankenblog is Alive


Earlier this week, while much of the tech world was in Austin, Federated Media quietly launched the portal / metablog that Nick was talking about last month — Federated Media/Tech.

The site delivers a la carte content servings from FM properties (presumably just the tech ones), including 43 Folders, TechCrunch, Om Malik, and Boing Boing. Think Memeorandum for the uber-digerati.

On first glance, it’s sort of like a celebrity-studded Vegas VIP Lounge on a fight night — there’s lots of talent there, but not that much happening yet. Obviously, it’s still early in the evening. We’ll keep watching, hoping the digital equivalent of Paris Hilton or 50 Cent show up and add some excitement to the festivities.

Hugh on Blogosphere Equality

I can’t think of a better way to draw the week to a close than with a gapingvoid gem from Hugh MacLeod:


Have a good weekend.

Denton high on Netscape (or something like that)

As we read through this report on the Calacanis takeover of Netscape today, one quote jumped out at us:

“Netscape has some residual credibility among the geeks,” says Nick Denton, the head of Valleywag’s parent Gawker Media, whose other blogs include Gawker, Defamer and Wonkette.

For those of you who don’t speak “blog magnate”, a quick translation — here “residual credibility” means “they should remember the name (possibly the logo as well), and probably aren’t violently allergic to it.”

Netscape Is Back [TheStreet]

Gawker takes stalking to the next level


What do you get when you mix Google Maps and Gawker’s regular Stalker feature?

We’re guessing the most apt term is “Privacy Invasion 2.0″.

Looks like Stalk-tastic fun for New Yorkers. Sadly, those of us on the left coast are stuck in the dark ages of celebrity tracking until Defamer launches its own PrivacyWatch map.

No Mas, Winer?

This morning, Dave Winer announced he’s going to close up the Scripting News shop, possibly before the end of 2006.

Michael Arrington, Calacanis, and Valleywag are among those who’ve already responded. More inevitably to follow, as legions of longtime devotees have time to fully digest this news from Monsieur Winer.

In related news, Winer’s Bastards of the Blogs card just doubled in value.

Liveblogging the Bloggies

1:29pm – An entire awards show in under 30 minutes. Amazing.

1:28pm – PostSecret finishes out their domination of the 2006 Bloggies with a win for Best Weblog of the Year. Frank Warren is officially “King of the World” for today.

1:27pm – And finally….the Weblog of the Year — BoingBoing vs. PostSecret, who will win?

1:26pm – Lifetime Achievement Award goes to BoingBoing. I *guess* they earned it. Quote from Pesco: “Timothy Leary said to find the others, and BoingBoing is helping us do that.”

1:25pm – Best New Weblog goes to…you guessed it, PostSecret.

1:23pm – PostSecret wins for Best Community Weblog, their third on the day. PostSecret is rapidly emerging as the Titanic of the 2006 Bloggies.

1:22pm – BoingBoing wins Best Group Weblog; Pesco claims the award, saying “this really does mean a lot”. Not as much as millions of readers daily, but a nice pat on the back. Side question — do they each get a certificate, or do they have to fight over it?

1:21pm – JoshuaInk wins his second award, for Best Design of a Weblog

1:20pm – Flickr wins for Best Photography of a Weblog; no fair — they’ve got a billion photos to choose from.

1:19pm – Best American Weblog goes to PostSecret (their second award so far today). All hail anonymous postcards!

1:17pm – Finally some serious starpower….David Pescovitz gets up on stage to present some awards.

1:16pm – Photojunkie wins, and earns the esteemed honor of being the first winner to actually claim his award in person.

1:14pm – Make:Blog wins for Best Craft Weblog; unfortunately it appears Philip Torrone is still sleeping off his SXSW Web Awards celebration, and isn’t here to claim the award.

1:12pm – A flurry of awards we couldn’t keep up with….and no one is here to claim any awards, making things a little anti-climatic.

1:11pm – Opening remarks from Nikolai Nolan (who also sang the “Stacy’s Blog” song)…..and now our first award…..Loobylu wins Best Australian Weblog

1:10pm – Holy crap, he’s still going. This is true commitment people.

1:07pm – A revised version of Fountains of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom” (with lyrics changed to “Stacy’s Blog”) kicks off the show — American Idol eat your heart out.

1:04pm – Since the show still hasn’t started yet, and we’ve got like 20+ awards to get thru, starting to hear some in the crowd begin to get tense about the overlapping geekery — watch the entire Bloggies ceremony, or skip out to watch Craig before the biggest awards are handed out?

1:01pm – The tension is palpable, the blogebrity star-power in the room is at full-wattage; now if they will just start the dang thing.

Live at Kottke-Dooce 2006

Kottke and Dooce (Heather Armstrong) are talking at SXSW….wi-fi permitting, we’re going to do a little liveblogging…

Dooce: Why Sponsorship? Why No Advertising?

Kottke: I don’t like advertising very much. Why didn’t you do sponsorship?

Dooce: I don’t want people to feel like they “own” my time. If I wanted to go on vacation, I didn’t want people to commenting negatively. How did things change after you went to sponsorship?
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