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Signs Your Blogging and Gambling Obsessions Are Becoming a Problem

From a press release we somehow managed to miss a few weeks back:


Blogs are kind of a big deal. Everyone’s heard of them and many folks read them daily. (a blog search engine) says that there are over 37.3 million blogs in the blog universe (or blogosphere as it’s collectively known as). Technorati also ranks the top 100 blogs — the REAL kings of the internet jungle.

These guys get more hits, RSS subscriptions, pageviews, and links than the average Internet surfer can shake a mouse at!

Out of Technorati’s millions of tracked blogs, is taking bets on which blog will be #1 on their Top 100 list on New Years Eve.

Currently the BetUS “top contendors [sic]” list includes the obvious: BoingBoing (+200), Engadget (+250), DailyKos (+1000) and TechCrunch (+600); and a few longshots: including Scoble (+1200), Gawker (+1500), and Autoblog (+1200).

Those of you readying your bets — it bears noting that current Technorati #1 Xu Jinglei is nowhere to be found on their big board, which we’re guessing is deliberate. After all — it’s not like the folks at BetUS want you to get this right.

Put Your Money Where Your Blog Is [BetUS]

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