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Well, that didn’t last long


I may have overreacted a bit. []

Previously (as in, one day prior):
I’m done.
It’s not worth it
Barry Davis, Eugene Lawyer

Site Meter Totally Hearts E-meters


Or, How Nick Denton’s Balls Revived Gawker

The Cruise Indoctrination Video Scientology Tried To Suppress [Gawker]
Nick Denton’s Balls [BuzzFeed]
Gawker – Site Summary [Site Meter]

Internet People Makes Us Cry Tears of Joy

You Know We Love Us Some Lists

Who says Twitter‘s just a timewaster?

Just this AM, we found the Top 100 Blogs by Blog Juice list by way of Hugh MacLeod’s Twitter. The list grabs its data from Text Link Ads Blog Juice Calculator, which ranks blogs by Bloglines subscriptions (my kingdom for some Google Reader data), Alexa ranking, Technorati ranking, and inbound links as per Technorati. In doing so, it provides added depth beyond the years-old Technorati standard of inbound links and yet another list for blogger’s to obsess over.

Publisher’s Note: To clarify — the Blogebrity list is different from the Technorati and Blog Juice lists, providing a reading on an individual’s blogger’s notoriety/”juice”, as opposed to just blogs. Because these blogs don’t write themselves.

Happy 10th Birthday Blogging


As our friends as Mashable pointed out, blogging is celebrating its 10th birthday this weekend.

Here at Blogebrity, we’re marking this momentous occasion by getting off of our asses and getting back in the game. Not only will this dormant-for-a-quarter blog be seeing some action again, but some big things are about to start happening at, as we finally make good on our promise to effectively document the caste system that is the blogosphere.

In the meantime, keep your eyes on and for all the latest updates from Blogebrity land.

UPDATE: As commenters here and over at Mashable have pointed out, the “birth” event being marked for blogging is at very least questionable, if not utterly erroneous. As the origin story debate rages on amongst blogging scholars, we remain off our asses, working on what comes next here at Blogebrity. Thanks to the WSJ for providing us with a little motivation, even if the historical accuracy of that inspirado is suspect at best.

[Photo Credit: Whiper]

SXSW: The Rise of the Blogebrity

As promised, we’ve posted the presentation materials from yesterday’s panel at SXSW:

Also wanted to take a moment to thank all of our fine panelists — Nick, Amanda, Henry, Karina & Casey. What started as a bit of a PowerPoint-induced mess (f-ing scroll lock) turned into a rather spirited debate on how we measure notoriety in the blog world — be it page views, inbound links, WHO those inbound links come from, RSS views & downloads, PageRank, or just good ol’ cash money.

Thanks also to everyone who participated. Please don’t hesitate to continue the discussion, be it in the comments of this post, via email, or on your own blogs. And for those of you who couldn’t be there — either due to rain, a panel you thought would be better, or just b/c you weren’t in Austin at all — never fear, a podcast of the panel will be live shortly, and we’ll be sure to post the link just as soon as it does.

And now, Chuck Olsen’s Blogumentary

Featuring appearances by Jason Kottke, Jeff Jarvis, Dan Gillmor and a host of others. The quintessential film about blogebrities to date.

You Can Be My Echo Chamber Any Time. Bullshit–You Can Be Mine.

Sure it’s probably been linked to death by now (sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy we suppose) — but we can’t help but regurgitate #11 from Hugh’s random notes on blogging:

If somebody makes a harsh remark about me in the comments or somewhere else, usually my first reaction is to ask, “Yeah, and what is it THAT YOU DO that is so fucking interesting, Asshole?”

random notes on blogging [gapingvoid]

Memo to Emily Gould’s Hacker

Yo ‘sei — the blogosphere’s enough of a sausage fest without you deterring nice young women from blogging by hacking their websites repeatedly.

If you’ve gotta pick on a female blogger, at least have the decency to make it Malkin.

Help a Blogger Out [Lindsayism]
Emily Gould’s Blog []

N.Y. Times to Blogebrity: You So Lazy; Blogebrity to N.Y. Times: Lazy? Did You Read Your Article?

From Dan Mitchell in the N.Y. Times:

In the blogosphere, the top 10 moments of 2006 tend to involve navel gazing. Kyle Bunch of offered his list of the “Top 10 Blogebrities of 2006″ to They included Jason Calacanis, the founder of Weblogs, and Kevin Rose, the founder of At No. 1: Ze Frank, whose daily videos take on subjects ranging from trade sanctions on North Korea to which fresh fruits are best for wearing on your fingers (

We should totally resist this urge, but we can’t….to Monsieur Mitchell, we can’t help but ask — is it your assertion that certain types of end of year lists are lazier than others, depending on the subject matter’s importance or relevance to you? For that matter, what’s lazier — the proverbial top x of 2006 list, or regurgitating several of those dreaded lists in a slow news week mashup piece?

All the same, thanks for the linkage, Danny Boy. To think, out of literally thousands of year-end lists, that we’d wind up catching your eye…to borrow from the parlance of Carly Simon, it’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

The Lazy Top 10 Anything [N.Y. Times]

Gawker’s Holiday Card: Possibly Laughing With You, Probably At You

“Ha ha ha, you Gawker commenters are hilarious!” or “ha ha, I can’t believe you guys are doing our work for us, and not even getting paid (meagerly) for it!”?

The true meaning of Gawker’s holiday video-gram. You be the judge.

In other Gawknews — do you love reading Gawker, but wish their easy-on-the-eyes clean, sparse layout was fugtastically-transformed into a 1970′s Oakland A’s nightmare? If you answered yes, A Blog Soup’s got just the holiday present for you, my colorblind friend.

Gawker’s Holiday Video Card [Gawker]
BLOGGITY BLOG: Some People Read Gawker, Some Don’t. [A Blog Soup]

VIDEO: Blogging’s Pink Power Couple Does Drinks with LX.TV

When Jossip’s David Hauslaib, Pink is the New Blog’s Trent Vanegas, and Suchin Pak from the glorified video podcast formerly known as hit the Lower East Side, no one gets out alive. Thanks, Malatron.

Pink / Jossip – Part I [LX.TV]

Does Rosie O’Donnell Count?

As we’re sure you heard on CNN or Fox News, today is Reveal Your Blog Crush day on the Interwebs. (BuzzFeed is doing a good job of covering the crushyness). Because the holidays are the time to tell people how you feel about them, however awkward or drunken those professions may be.

Here at Blogebrity, you’ll excuse us if we’re having a tough time settling on any one object of our affection. Now that Jessica’s gone, what’s the point anymore?

Reveal Your Blog Crush: Dec. 15th [ms. sizzle says]
Reveal Your Blog Crush Day [BuzzFeed]

A/C Goes Live

Updating an earlier story, the first installment of Amanda’s ABC videoblog is up. Go check it out, in all its Javascript glory.

Amanda Congdon on ABC [ABC News]

Amanda Makes Her ABC Debut Tomorrow


Congdon fans of the world rejoice — A/C on ABC, her regular interactive feature for ABC News, starts tomorrow (12/13/06). Watch it someplace cool, so you can tell your kids a good story about where you were when Amanda Congdon made her big ABC debut.

[via Gawker]