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Amanda Congdon broke her brain, inflicts pain on others

I’ll skip all the “Oh my god, this takes me back to freshman year communications class” commentary and just assure everyone that after watching this, ABC News must be so proud of having Amanda on board.

David Lynch is all “Game over, man!”

SXSW: The Rise of the Blogebrity

As promised, we’ve posted the presentation materials from yesterday’s panel at SXSW:

Also wanted to take a moment to thank all of our fine panelists — Nick, Amanda, Henry, Karina & Casey. What started as a bit of a PowerPoint-induced mess (f-ing scroll lock) turned into a rather spirited debate on how we measure notoriety in the blog world — be it page views, inbound links, WHO those inbound links come from, RSS views & downloads, PageRank, or just good ol’ cash money.

Thanks also to everyone who participated. Please don’t hesitate to continue the discussion, be it in the comments of this post, via email, or on your own blogs. And for those of you who couldn’t be there — either due to rain, a panel you thought would be better, or just b/c you weren’t in Austin at all — never fear, a podcast of the panel will be live shortly, and we’ll be sure to post the link just as soon as it does.

A/C Goes Live

Updating an earlier story, the first installment of Amanda’s ABC videoblog is up. Go check it out, in all its Javascript glory.

Amanda Congdon on ABC [ABC News]

Amanda Makes Her ABC Debut Tomorrow


Congdon fans of the world rejoice — A/C on ABC, her regular interactive feature for ABC News, starts tomorrow (12/13/06). Watch it someplace cool, so you can tell your kids a good story about where you were when Amanda Congdon made her big ABC debut.

[via Gawker]

Amanda’s Big Announcement

Congrats to Ms. Congdon on her new deals with ABC and HBO.

Everyone knew something was coming (you don’t usually sign with big talent agencies and then NOT sign deals), but who thought HBO would be in the mix? Does this mean Amanda’s got some R-rated plans in the near future?

Meanwhile back at Rocketboom, they recently notched their 10 trillionth viewer….or something like that.

Special Announcement [Amanda Across America]

She’s Baaaaack


Amanda Across America [Official Site]
Won’t You Come See About Her? She’ll Be Alone, Dancing You Know It [Gawker]
Amanda Congdon Video Blogs Her Way Across America For Ford [Adrants]

This Week in Blogland: Starts with a ‘boom, ends with…

rocketboom-scarborough-med.jpgmore of Amanda. Everywhere. (Everywhere = MSNBC (w/ video), Wired, Hong Kong, etc.)

a flashback to Sunday, and Nick Denton getting World Cup fever like any regular ol’ joe. Well, a regular European joe.

Dell’s porn blog. Well, not really. But we’re pretty sure more than one person will make the all-too-easy mistake of typing the blog’s name and a “.com” into a browser, and getting a hardcore surprise.

The ‘wag vs. Uncle Marc. Along the way, Nick sets some sort of record for longest post title ever.


Krucoff’s party at Denton’s house. Yet another peek inside the all-too-glamorous lives of the A-list.

Liners: Samurai Vampire Bikers from Hell

samurai-vampires.jpgTime Magazine’s stalwart online arm lobs softballs at Amanda Congdon. Has anyone in history (besides maybe Dakota Fanning) ever gotten this much media attention while consistently answering questions about her future with “I’m living in Connecticut with my parents right now” ?

Yes, we know it’s a day old — but if we don’t at least mention Jack Shafer’s writeup on Nick Denton, the Dean of the Internets will pull our charter.

Also semi-dated news — the Mark Cuban-funded Share Sleuth, the site that will use the magic of investigative journalism to research and blog about prospective Cuban investments, is alive and searching for the next Microsoft.

Chuck Klosterman hasn’t seen Snakes on a Plane, but he already hates it. Why? You guessed it — those damn bloggers.

We’re with Gawker — we just want to see those motherfuckin’ snakes on that motherfuckin’ plane. Still, psyched as we are, SoaP and Sam Jackson have nothing on Samurai Vampire Bikers and Scott Shaw.

Rocketboom returns?


Has the day finally arrived? Could we be moments away from the launch of Rocketboom 2.0? While we’re being inquisitive — how long does rendering really take anyways? All that advertiser money couldn’t buy some decent processor power?

While you wait, kill the time by voting in Valleywag’s poll on what REALLY made Rocketboom 1.0 so popular.

UPDATE (11:15am pt): Rocketboom 2.0 has arrived; of course we’re still trying to get it to load. But the first post of the new era does come with a little note to Amanda: “best wishes amanda you will always be welcome back”. Awww…so sweet.

Joanne Colan, blogging it anywhere, says hello

joanne-colan-hed.jpgThe new host of Rocketboom has officially launched her own blog, at She was good enough to delete the “Hello world!” default post and at least replace it with SOME sort of intro post, but unfortunately it’s just a promise of the ’1st blog entry up for your viewing pleasures later on today’ (‘today’ apparently being Monday). The only content of any interest is the slogan, as noted over at Valleywag:

Her blog’s slogan — “If I can blog it there I can blog it anywhere” — is a touch ironic, considering that “blogging it anywhere” is just what the last host wanted to do, and just what producer Andrew Baron wouldn’t allow.

More to follow, as we recover from the agonizing tandem disappointments of Joanne’s blog delays and today’s Rocketboom “very dependent on Amanda’s role….new episodes soon….not comfortable with the way they are going yet” announcement.

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Rocketboom: Week 2


Looks like today’s re-launch is scrubbed. And Amanda’s supposedly “live” Scarborough Country appearance may air later this week. We’re happy to report there will be at least one more day of Unboomed drama still to come.

Andrew speaks…

…and because the Monday edition of Rocketboom (the first official “post-Amanda era” episode), supposedly with Joanne Colan hosting with an interim host, is taking forever, we’ll share with you Mr. Baron’s first public statements on the Rocketbust saga:

Joanne Colan, Your New Rocketboomer?

joanne colanIs this woman the next Rocketboom host? Rachel Sklar says she is, but provides this confirmation caveat:

Andrew Baron declined to confirm our intel, saying that “We’re still trying to figure it all out” and would not comment on whether he had been in talks with Colan: “Everything’s just so crazy right now – everything is just so up in the air, as much as I’d like to talk about it.” He did confirm, however, that Rocketboom would be back online at the customary 9 am start time on Monday. ETP stands by its second-hand information.

Blogebrity will continue to seek confirmation with our usual dogged determination. But for the ‘boom fans out there who may be passing judgment in the interim, an important note: all visual aesthetics aside — she’s got a British accent.

BREAKING: New Rocketboom Girl Chosen, Looks Strangely Like Old One [Huffington Post]

Rocketbust: Day 2

Is it only day 2 of this Congdon/Baron vlogging saga? We’re already eager for some sort of a conclusion, so we can go back to mocking the likes of Denton & Calacanis. After one day on the case, we’re quite certain — sorting thru blogpost half-truths and supposedly “transparent” video disclosures is an activity worthy of the inner rings of hell.

Naturally, where we fail, our little brother succeeds: the always-focused Nick has got a nice recap of the latest in the Rocketfight.

V-wag’s roundup includes the response we all knew was coming — the open letter from Calacanis offering Ms. Congdon a job. Although it did take him 6+ hours to get it up there, which begs the question — is AOL execudom making J-Cal slip? Keep in mind, the man was once blogging’s #1 ambulance chaser — guaranteed to arrive first on the scene for any blog firing.

More on the entire Rocketboom blow-out to come, while we pray for a merciful end to this story (e.g. Andrew hiring a new vlogging pixie, Amanda moving on to whatever project she’ll work on next) very, very soon.

No Mas, Congdon?

Coming on the heels of Gawker’s “tightening our belts” announcement arrives yet another blogging layoff, this time one that seems to big to be true: Amanda Congdon is with Rocketboom no longer.

Anybody got a shred of insight into what is Andrew Baron is thinking? Or is this just another sign that what Nick’s been saying all along is right — vlogging is just lame TV?

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