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This Week in Blogland: Starts with a ‘boom, ends with…

rocketboom-scarborough-med.jpgmore of Amanda. Everywhere. (Everywhere = MSNBC (w/ video), Wired, Hong Kong, etc.)

a flashback to Sunday, and Nick Denton getting World Cup fever like any regular ol’ joe. Well, a regular European joe.

Dell’s porn blog. Well, not really. But we’re pretty sure more than one person will make the all-too-easy mistake of typing the blog’s name and a “.com” into a browser, and getting a hardcore surprise.

The ‘wag vs. Uncle Marc. Along the way, Nick sets some sort of record for longest post title ever.


Krucoff’s party at Denton’s house. Yet another peek inside the all-too-glamorous lives of the A-list.

Marc Canter totally disses us

marc-canter-spam.jpgIt was bad enough that he didn’t know who we were when introduced at SXSW. However, he had his hands full at the time, so we were able to forgive the short-term memory loss oversight.

But dude, Marc — where’s OUR spam?

Feeling so left out right now.

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