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Internet People Makes Us Cry Tears of Joy

The 10-minute Ze Frank Musical

The Debt: Vlogger Ze Frank and singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton play the famous songs of Ze Frank’s The Show.

Ze Frank’s show ends this month after a year of daily episodes. Jonathan Coulton played guitar on John Hodgman’s 700 Hobo Names recording and recorded an acoustic version of “Baby Got Back”.

N.Y. Times to Blogebrity: You So Lazy; Blogebrity to N.Y. Times: Lazy? Did You Read Your Article?

From Dan Mitchell in the N.Y. Times:

In the blogosphere, the top 10 moments of 2006 tend to involve navel gazing. Kyle Bunch of offered his list of the “Top 10 Blogebrities of 2006″ to They included Jason Calacanis, the founder of Weblogs, and Kevin Rose, the founder of At No. 1: Ze Frank, whose daily videos take on subjects ranging from trade sanctions on North Korea to which fresh fruits are best for wearing on your fingers (

We should totally resist this urge, but we can’t….to Monsieur Mitchell, we can’t help but ask — is it your assertion that certain types of end of year lists are lazier than others, depending on the subject matter’s importance or relevance to you? For that matter, what’s lazier — the proverbial top x of 2006 list, or regurgitating several of those dreaded lists in a slow news week mashup piece?

All the same, thanks for the linkage, Danny Boy. To think, out of literally thousands of year-end lists, that we’d wind up catching your eye…to borrow from the parlance of Carly Simon, it’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

The Lazy Top 10 Anything [N.Y. Times]

One of Blogebrity’s Own Makes Cameo as “Tall Guy” on The Show

That’s right — that’s our Jeremy Hermanns, on his honeymoon in Hong Kong. (He’s the one that’s not like the others.)

Eventually, we’ll get around to something other than reposting Ze again. Seriously. Good stuff is on the immediate horizon. -Ed.

Vlog Fight!: Fun With Background Statistics

As our reader(s) have so graciously pointed out, while we were enjoying our usual Monday slack fiesta del cha cha, Ze Frank questioned Rocketboom’s user statistics on The Show:

This morning (well, actually it could have been at any time, since somebody doesn’t bother to label their posts with a date or timestamp), we get the inevitable response from the Rocketboom camp (courtesy of founder/producer Andrew Baron).

Frank’s got a few inches in reach and a sizable weight advantage — we’re putting our money on Ze (by TKO in the 3rd).

ZeFrank Slaps Rocketboom [Valleywag]
Ze Errors [Dembot]

Bicycling Interview : Ze Frank

Picture 6.png

Earlier today (actually just a few minutes ago) I got the chance to interview Ze Frank. I was riding a bicycle at the time hence, the title of this post ( I would prefer not to tell why in this post, but If you ask I will tell.) Mr. Frank is the host of the show over on his site, which has become a huge hit.

I first asked why he decided to start the video podcast in the first place. He wanted a new way to communicate with the fans of his already popular site, because the regular release of his video shorts and and fun flash apps had slowed and he need something new. He was also interested in the who video blogging concept ( It might have something to do with the fact that he isn’t a very good typist, or so he says :) and he also thought there wasn’t many of them out there, so he started one. He now had a community of views who very active in the show ( see Fabuloso Friday ).

I then asked how the show is produced and if he was a mac user, something I was curious about I turns out that he is a mac user ( I knew a saw a pre-aluminum cinema display behind him! ) which made me very happy. It was no big surprise to hear that the show is created using iMovie, and that he put those clever and catchy tunes together using Garageband. What was interesting, to me at least, was that he uses a little florescent lamp as lighting for the show. I think this style of using what is avalable to you is one reason why the show has gained som much popularity other than it being really really awesome.

One of the last few questions I asked him was why ducks? An odd question, I know but It was something I had been curious about since I started watching the show. He said, “There are many reasons.” The reason he gave me was the way they defend themselves from their predators. Needless to say, I rather liked this response.

Next, I asked if he had any plans to release a DVD or a CD, something views of the show had been curious about. On the subject of a DVD he felt that If he made a DVD it would be less enjoyable because the viewer may not remeber the issues discussed in the episode. I agreed with this statement but said nothing because I was riding a bicycle. As for a CD, it seemed that this would be more likly but in their current state they would be too short or as Ze said, “They would be over by the time you push play.” He would need to revise them in order to make it worthwhile to produce a CD.

The last question I was going to ask him was an amazing, well thought-out, and thought provoking one, but… I forgot it so I just asked him what’s with the League of Awesomeness ( which according to spellcheck is a real word ). The LOA is like the UN says Ze Frank. They control what Ze and what happens on the show and he must listen. That is why this week is Happy Week on the show, which has so far challenged the crafty viewers or Sports Racers to dress up their mom’s vaccum ( When I called Ze was busy judging such vacuums). Happy Week was a request made in the the show forums asking Ze to take a break for a week from all the “non-happy” political news and current event he usually covers, This request was then forced upon Ze by the LOA ( He has to do everything they tell him ).

At that time I felt it was a good time to end the interview as I was out of questions and I had to go out to dinner ( and my legs were getting tired ).

I would like to thank Ze Frank for his time and his amazing show, Thank You.

P.S. Do you know Ray?

Today’s Ze

Ideas = brain crack. Or something like that.

Rocketboom: The Home Edition


Rocketboomers — are you always wondering what Amanda might look like with a different map behind her? Now thanks to Ze Frank and the magic of Google Maps, you can spend all day finding out!

And while you’re at it, why not make an earth sandwich?